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WINTER 2006: Romans: Good News for All the Earth

December 3rd, 2006: "The Good News of God in a World Gone Wrong" (Download)
December 10th, 2006: "The Good News About Righteousness & Wrath" (Download)
December 17th, 2006: "The Director Walks on Stage..." (Download)
December 24th, 2006: "There is no Good Time for Christmas" (Download)
January 7th: no sermon, Garrett Erickson preaching
January 14th, 2007: "Beware the Zombies
" (Download)
January 21st, 2007: "From the Power of Sin to the Peace of God" (Download)
January 28th, 2007: "The Place Where Pain and Love Meet" (Download)
February 4th, 2007: "Universal Love, Narrow Call, Great Mercy" (Download)

FALL 2006: Astonishing Generosity

October 29th, 2006: "Astonishing the World" (Download)
November 4th, 2006: "Caught Then Taught: Practicing Astonishing Generosity "
November 12th, 2006: "From a Life to a Legacy: A Contagious Community of Astonishing Generosity "
November 19th, 2006: "
Celebrating a Community of World Changing Astonishing Generosity" (Download)

FALL 2006: Living With the End in Mind: Becoming a Kingdom Community Part 4
We will complete our study in the discourses of Matthew with the eschatological passages of Mt 23-25. These passages will point us to what it means to be a people who live in the “end times” awaiting Christ’s return. Thesis: What does it mean to “live in the last days”.

September 3rd, 2006: "This is My Father's World" (Download)
September 10th, 2006: "Living With Jesus' End in Mind" (Download)
September 17th, 2006: "Living Inside Out" (Download)
September 24th, 2006: "Snakes in the Pew" (Download)
October 1st, 2006: "When GOD Comes to Town" (Download)
October 8th, 2006: "Live Ready Now" (Download)
October 15th, 2006: "All In" (Download)
October 21st, 2006: "The Proof in the Pudding...(or the Marinating)" (Download)

Sabbath: The Gift that Makes Us God's People.
As Tod begins his sabbatical, this series will lead the congregation into a sabbatical season of rest, reflection and renewal.

April 30th, 2006: 'Was God Tired?' (Download)
May 7th, 2006: 'A Sign in the Wilderness' (Download)
May 14th, 2006: 'Why (I Think) God Likes Mother's Day' (Download)

Lent: Ancient Wisdom for the Worried Well
Our Lenten series will serve as both an introduction to the Christian faith (based on Heidelberg Catechism Question 1) and a response to the pervasive anxiety and insecurity in our world. We find in this one question of a 16th century instructional guide that no matter what we face in the world that makes us anxious (whether it be diseases, terrorism, or family dysfunction) the comfort we yearn for is offered to us by the God who sees it and is in the middle of it all.

March 5th, 2006: 'Blessed Helplessness' (Download)
March 12th, 2006: 'Freed from Me-Mania' (Download)
March 19th, 2006: 'What Are You Worth?' (Download)
March 26th, 2006: 'Whose Meaning? What Purpose?' (Download)
April 2nd, 2006: Jim Toole preaching, sermon avialable on tape.
April 9th, 2006: What Tony Robbins Doesn't Understand' (Download)

Winter 2006: A Community of Invitation: Becoming a Kingdom Community--Part 2 (The Sermon on Mission).
Use Jesus’ “Sermon on Mission” to equip our church to be an “inviting” community.

January 15, 2006: 'First, Ask' (Download)
January 22, 2006: 'Jesus' Model for Kingdom Mission' (Download)
January 29, 2006: 'Sent Like Sheep' (Download)
February 5, 2006: 'The Cost and the Difference' (Download)

Advent 2005: "We will close out the year with a series on character studies on the minor characters in the most important story ever. A virtual nativity welcomes us to consider how every one gathered around the manger points to Jesus, the One who fills the hoe in the soul of Creation."

November 27, 2005: 'Mary: What Only God Can Fill' (Download)
December 4, 2005: 'Angels: Aching for Something Praiseworthy' (
December 11, 2005: 'The Ox & Ass Kept Time: Creation's God-Shaped Hole' (
December 18, 2005: 'The Sheperds: The Longing of the Least of Us' (Download)

Fall 2005: "...we will revisit the central idea of the New Testament: The Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven, with emphasis on how we as a church fulfill our calling to be a "Community for the Kingdom" and how each person finds the life they a most wanting as part of that community, participating in God's reign in the world."

September 4, 2005: 'Marinating in Kingdom Wine' (Download)
September 11, 2005: 'Heaven, Happy Places & Really Good News' (Download)
September 18, 2005: 'Living There Here'(Download)
September 25, 2005: 'What's the Difference?' (Download)
October 2, 2005: 'Getting Life Right' (Download)
October 9, 2005: 'Completely Righteous' (Download)
October 16, 2005: 'Closet Christians' (Download)
October 23, 2005: 'The God Who is Into Everything' (Download)
October 30, 2005: 'Worrying Well' (Download)
November 6, 2005: 'A Community Without Condemnation' (Download)
November 13, 2005: 'The Narrow Gate to Wide Grace' (Download)

Summer 2005: "....character vignettes of Biblical characters whom God blessed and what we can learn from them about finding the blessed life that we are all looking for. The emphasis of this series will be how blessing is not in success, accumulation for security, but in living a life of character, pleasing God and participating in God's blessing of the world."

July 3, 2005: 'The Sneak Preview: Unloved and Blessed' (Download)
July 10, 2005: 'Showing off for God's Sake' (Download)
July 17, 2005: 'A Blessed Life in a Dry Land - Part 1' (Download)
July 24, 2005: 'A Blessed Life in a Dry Land - Part 2' (Download)
July 31, 2005: 'Assaulted by God: Blessing & Wrestling' (Download)
August 7, 2005: 'Blessed Wherever' (Download)
August 14, 2005: 'Faithfulness God Blesses'
August 21, 2005: 'The Courage to Live the Life that is Faithful' (Download)

June 12, 2005: 'The Word is Not Enough' (Download)
June 19, 2005: 'What Saving The World, Skiing, Scaling Mountains & Surfing
Teach us about Following
Jesus' (Download)
May 15th - June 5th 2005
The heart of the matter of the Christian life is what you do with the gift of life
For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

WK1: 'The Heart of the Matter' (Download)
WK2: 'Heart Transplant' (Download)
WK3: 'All of Our Heart' (Download)
WK4: 'Heart Workout' (Download)
February 13th - March 16th 2005.
This Lenten Series will focus on a group of “shared” spiritual disciplines that will help us respond to Jesus invitation to “take my yoke upon you” (Matthew 11:28-30). Unlike the usual study of spiritual disciplines focused around those things we do by ourselves, these disciplines are all intentionally corporate. Jesus’ yoke is “easy” because of his presence inside of us and his companions around us. We find Jesus’ yoke “easy” as we are yoked together, by the Spirit, in the body of Christ. For those of us who struggle with the wanting to go our own way and do our own things, these simple, slow, easy disciplines will soften our hard hearts and make us more open to Jesus’ instruction in our lives. We will have an email devotional sent out every week of Lent to God with the series.

WK1: 'The Spiritual Discipline of Showing Up' (Download)
WK2: 'The Spiritual Discipline of Slowing Down' (Download)
WK3: 'The Spiritual Discipline of Sitting Under' (
WK4: 'The Spiritual Discipline of Suiting Up' (Download)
January 2005
Lessons from the Song of Solomon on God’s intention for love and sexuality are offered as a contrast between the messages of our culture about sexuality, the anti-sexuality stereotypes often laid on Christians and the reality of the biblical witness from the Hebrew Scriptures. If rated as a film, this series is definitely PG-13. Therefore, the sermons address values modeled in the poetry and will be equally suitable for single persons, parents raising kids, and even teenagers.

WK1: 'The Nobility of Fidelity' (
WK2: 'Delighting in a Walled Garden' (Download)
WK3: 'Passion Fierce as the Grave' (Download)
WK4: 'The Pattern of Real Romance' (Download)

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