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The College & Young Adult Ministry at San Clemente Presbyterian Church is a place where college students and young adults can belong and grow within the greater church body, and serve alongside other brothers and sisters in Christ through local and foreign missions. This ministry provides opportunities for people to develop relationships with those in a similar life stage, and experience Christ through conversations & interactions with each other. It is a ministry committed to providing a place where college students and young adults can

Know Others and Be Known.

The Well


In biblical times, the Well was a place not only to gather water (necessary for survival), but it was also a place for people to connect and even if only for a brief moment disconnect from the stress of everyday life.  It was the ancient world's "water cooler"...the Well today is designed to serve the same purpose. 

We meet every Sunday night from 7:30-9 PM in Stephens Chapel.  We worship, fellowship, & challenge ourselves with Biblical teaching and Scriptural life application .

We would love to have you join us on any given Sunday evening.  If you would like a ride or just someone to walk in the door with, contact me ... See you at the Well.

You may also want to check out our new BLOG where you can engage in conversations about the messages preached each week at the Well.

Rancho Sordo Mudo

Thanksgiving Weekend '05

San Clemente Presbyterian Church has been serving at Rancho Sordo Mudo for decades.  The legacy created by Don and Edie Eades has seen many years and much fruit.  Our college age and young adults have an opportunity to work hand in hand with Don and Edie and continue this legacy of service.  Every year, we spend Thanksgiving Weekend (Friday to Sunday) serving the students and staff of Rancho Sordo Mudo. 

What is Rancho Sordo Mudo (RSM)?  Rancho Sordo Mudo is the only Christian-based residential school for deaf children in Mexico. Ed and Margaret Everett, the founders of RSM, believe that deaf children do not have to become beggars in Mexico. They can be taught how to read and write (in Spanish), to communicate in ASL (American Sign Language), and to learn a trade for their future. This has been the work of the ranch for over 30 years.

What do we do?  We do various work projects, depending on the current needs, but mostly our mission is to bring Thanksgiving to the students and staff of RSM.  Each year, Edie and her team of volunteers prepare a Thanksgiving feast (One that would make even Mom's cooking nervous).
If you are interested in being part of this years service team, please contact Bernie

Or if you would like to know more about Rancho Sordo Mudo, you can check out their site

Y-Malawi 2006

If you are interested in knowing more about what we are doing in Malawi or about how to be part of a mission team, please contact Bernie Wohlfarth or Sarah Killelea

For more information, please contact Kelly King at the church office or to read more about the Y-Malawi Partnership, go to Tod Bolsingerís weblog at or Bernie's weblog by clicking on the picture below




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