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Director, Junior High Ministry
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No TNT February 21

We will be taking this week off for the Ash Wednesday Service in the sanctuary at 7PM. I encourage all to participate in this service.


TNT and FOCUS alternate every other Wednesday from 7:30-9PM at the church.

TNT is the Jr. High high-energy program with music, games, and all the usual suspects. Meets in the Student Center (downstairs below the church office, facing Estrella, with a sign saying "Student Ministries" on it)

FOCUS is our gender specific small group night where we get a chance to talk about the real issues in our lives and see how what we read in the Word of God speaks to our lives. Meets in the Cellar (new place below the main sanctuary) from 7:30-9PM.

Upcoming TNT dates: 3-14, 3-28

Upcoming FOCUS dates: 2-28, 3-7, 3-21

30 Hr. Famine

30 Hour Famine has changed!!! It will now be later: Feb. 23 and 24th from 5PM on Friday until 7PM the next day. See ya there.

We will start here at the church and end at Community Pres in San Juan. More info to come...

Pura Vida

Pura Vida is a six week period meeting during Sunday School (9:30-10:30 in Room 206) when we learn how to use our bodies in holy ways.

After the 6 weeks we go to Catalina Island for a weekend retreat on March 16-18.

You have to attend the Pura Vida time on Sunday to be able to go to Catalina however, so see ya there!
Parent classes are available on March 18th and 25th. They will be from 9:30-10:30 and are taught by Beth Bolsinger, MFT.

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